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About LearningCurv

LearningCurv equips professionals with the skills and resources they need to master their Salesforce platforms. We’ve built a solid reputation as experts in the industry and have helped hundreds of companies get more out of the technology they invest in.

Our Story

CEO Tim Edwards began his career in sales consulting, providing insights and strategies to help companies create a successful business. Realizing Salesforce’s ability to strengthen not only the sales process but every facet of a company’s operations, a new team focused on executing growth through technology was formed.

LearningCurv was born out of the need to get the most out of the technology your business is built on. We know that with the right guidance, your Salesforce CRM and Marketing Automation platform can be the central lifeline of your company.


Tim Edwards
CEO of LearningCurv

With specialized expertise in all Salesforce applications, our certified consultants can be the answer to all of your platform needs.

We pride ourselves on having experience in a variety of industries and with a variety of challenges. We’re here to fill your Salesforce knowledge gaps, no matter what kind of help you need.

The All-in-One Salesforce Solution

Being Awesome is a Group Effort

Our Salesforce certified consultants approach every challenge, uncertainty, and bottleneck as a team instead of depending on individual efforts. We’ll put our heads together to make your platform better.



We’re committed to finding the perfect solutions to platform problems. We collaborate with your team to identify your unique goals and help you meet them.



Leave no question unanswered. Our team makes themselves available to you through all your favorite channels, so you’re never left alone with a platform roadblock.


We’re all about working smarter. Are you getting the most out of the technology you invest in? We’ll keep an eye out for ways to improve your platform.
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A Salesforce Partner with
800+ Projects Under Our Belt

LearningCurv consistently ranks among the most popular Silver consulting partners on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Each LearningCurv consultant holds multiple certifications — the ultimate benchmark set by Salesforce itself to prove we have the skills, expertise, and real-world knowledge you need.

Our experts maintain certified status by passing three new release exams a year, meaning your LearningCurv consultant is always on top of the latest advances and trends. We use our insider know-how to help you get the most out of your platform.







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