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Admin Service

LearningCurv handles administration of your Salesforce CRM or Marketing Automation platform for you, so you can spend less time managing your instance and more time growing your business.


What Does a Salesforce Admin Do?



We consult with stakeholders in your company to gain a full understanding of your organizational goals and what you want to accomplish with your platform.



We take a deep dive into your current configuration to uncover how well it aligns with your platform goals and determine how we can make it more beneficial for your business.



We document all tasks with Smartsheet, use Basecamp to interact with you daily, and review all progress with you in weekly working sessions.


We help you get the most out of your instance by constantly collaborating with your teams to validate what we’ve integrated and continue building on it.



Should you ever leave us, we provide documentation of everything we’ve set up and how it should be used, as well as a list of remaining tasks to be completed.

Your LearningCurv administrators handle all the daily tasks for you, such as importing data, creating reports and dashboards, adding fields, and automating processes.

We’re dedicated to your success and work within your instance to identify issues, create elegant streamlined solutions, and implement them on your behalf.

U.S. Based Salesforce Administrators

Get More Out of Your Salesforce Instance

We have years of experience implementing and optimizing CRM and Marketing Automation platforms.

We help our clients explore the advanced functions that make Salesforce such a cutting-edge solution.

We’ll ensure that your data is safe, your users are productive, and you get more value from the tool you invested in.

Executive Team

We develop big picture insights through reports and dashboards
that highlight the overall
performance of your company.

Sales Leaders

We provide best practices for:

  • Territory management
  • Opportunity splits
  • Account management
  • Measuring activities

Marketing Leaders

  • Measure impact of marketing
  • Multi-touch attribution models
  • Routing to align sales & marketing
  • Create MQL follow-up process

Customer Service

  • Optimize case management
  • Faster resolution workflow
  • Track customer satisfaction
  • Streamline follow up processes

Everyone in Your Organization Benefits

Our certified administrators collaborate with your business leaders to outline your objectives and optimize your performance on each platform.

We work with you to develop solutions that streamline your sales and marketing efforts, empowering you to meet and surpass your goals.

Expertise for Any Salesforce Platform

Our certified administrators have experience with every major Salesforce platform. Choose your platform to learn more.


Find out why companies across industries choose LearningCurv as their dedicated Salesforce administration partner.

We've helped hundreds of companies get more value out of their Salesforce platforms.

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