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Beginner’s Guide to Pardot

Nelson Eisenmann

Beginner’s Guide to Pardot

Nelson Eisenmann

Nelson Eisenmann

Director of Marketing Automation

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Pardot! Whether you are new to Pardot and are looking for the basics, just bought the tool, or are still exploring your marketing automation options, we will help you begin your journey with Pardot.

In this guide, we are going to:

  • Introduce Pardot as a marketing automation tool
  • Dive into the core functions and tools within Pardot
  • Equip you with best practices for executing Pardot campaigns


Just a forewarning, this guide will be peppered with some technical jargon and setup items, but we will try to keep it entertaining and educational. If you already are familiar with most of the Pardot terminology, you will be able to move through this guide quickly and just hit the highlights.

Best of luck with your Pardot adventures and welcome to the world of Salesforce and Pardot!

Beginner's Guide to Pardot

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