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    Nonprofit Cloud & Pardot
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LearningCurv Helps Chesapeake Church Get the Most out of Nonprofit Cloud

Chesapeake Church’s mission is to reach unchurched people and help them grow into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. The church’s many ministries include End Hunger in Calvert County as well as Honduras Compassion Partners.

The Challenge.

Chesapeake Church offers several different ministry programs and were looking for a way to streamline donation management for their organization.


Their regional End Hunger initiative receives donations from a variety of sources, including the church’s The Lobby Coffee Bar & Cafe, which also hosts and caters local events. Another initiative, Honduras Compassion Partners, receives both monetary and large in-kind contributions.


It became obvious that, with so many donation sources and types, Chesapeake Church needed a more robust system than just Quickbooks for allocating donations and engaging with their constituents.


Chesapeake Church chose to implement Salesforce Sales Cloud with the Nonprofit Success Pack. Their goal was to migrate donor data from Quickbooks and their congregation database Elexio, with Quickbooks to be retained for accounting.


For their email marketing needs, Chesapeake Church decided to implement Salesforce Pardot. The marketing automation platform would allow them to automate nurture campaigns for their constituents.


Now, their team just needed some help getting started on this significant undertaking.

The Solution.

Upon purchasing their new platforms, Chesapeake Church was referred by their Salesforce Account Executive to LearningCurv for help with implementing Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud and Pardot.


Chesapeake Church enrolled in LearningCurv’s Power Start program for a custom implementation, tailored to the team’s unique needs.

“Our main challenge was our limited knowledge of the Salesforce platform. LearningCurv helped fill those gaps.”

Matthew Wright, Administration and Accounting Director at Chesapeake Church

LearningCurv helped Chesapeake Church build a thoughtful campaign hierarchy to ensure donor contributions would be allocated to the correct accounting units.


The Salesforce certified experts at LearningCurv also helped the church staff match, de-dupe, and prepare the required data from Quickbooks and Elexio, so Chesapeake Church could make use of it within Salesforce.


On the Pardot side, Chesapeake Church utilized LearningCurv’s Jump Start implementation program for guidance on importing and organizing contact data in their new marketing automation instance. The Pardot program included fundamentals training for their marketing team, as well as creation of one custom landing page, form, and email template.


LearningCurv’s consultants provided best practices for managing donations and engagement campaigns all while providing fundamental education and strategic direction for the church’s new Salesforce platforms.

The Result.

Chesapeake Church has a fully customized Salesforce CRM and a functional marketing automation platform that has launched the organization on a strategic path towards success.


LearningCurv set up critical organizational processes in their new CRM, enabling Chesapeake Church to accurately allocate donor funds of all sizes, types, and sources to the correct programs—providing necessary assurance they’re staying in compliance with their nonprofit status.


All their legacy donor and gift records were successfully de-duplicated, cleansed, and imported into their new CRM. LearningCurv’s experienced consultants helped ensure all of the constituent data was ready for day-to-day use, providing leadership the visibility they previously lacked as well as effective data for marketing.


Beyond the best practices and strategic direction provided by LearningCurv during their implementation, the Chesapeake Church staff now has the Salesforce knowledge they need to scale their use of the customized platforms to effectively manage donor gifts and outbound communications to constituents.


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