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LearningCurv Helped NavCare Gain Visibility Into Data and Improve Overall Performance

NavCare is a division of US CareNet, a care management organization founded on more than 30 years of leadership experience in the healthcare field. From health systems to private practices, the NavCare team provides solutions for chronic care and transitional care management.

The Challenge.

NavCare’s true north statement, “People First Always,” is a testament to the organization’s passion for serving quality care and exceptional service to their patients.
Determined to capture key insights and generate data-driven solutions, NavCare sought out Salesforce CRM and Pardot as an automation solution for their organization.
NavCare formerly utilized a low-tier CRM for accountability and visibility in sales and marketing. “It was a good task manager, but it didn’t foster the type of reports that we wanted. And it was not as robust as Salesforce,” explained Jim Barlar, Vice President of Business Development at NavCare.


“We knew the database that we had didn’t really have any capabilities for us to generate the reports that we hoped for. We needed to be able to produce activity reports, identify what kind of accounts best fit our services, type of positions, type of hospitals, and be able to scale those accounts.”


With this goal in mind, NavCare wanted to turn their key data assets into insights and import them into a powerful and capable CRM. The healthcare organization knew that cleaner data and more visibility into performance could transform the way they acquire, service, engage, and innovate. Navcare was drawn to the benefits of Salesforce, such as data quality improvement, extensive reporting and analytics, and the ability to separate accounts from opportunities.

The Solution.

After realizing the power of the Salesforce, NavCare adopted the CRM, partnering with LearningCurv for implementation and training.


“We achieved the goal of having a workable CRM that is making an impact in our company today, and I attribute that to working with LearningCurv,“ Barlar explained. “On the sales side, it has made a tremendous difference in the effectiveness of our team on the field and in the higher level quality of
accounts that we have on the horizon.”


Another key driver of the engagement was that, in the past, opportunity stages were left up to sales reps instead of being standardized, and the results varied. “By going into the opportunity and using qualifications, we were able to set standard percentages,” explained Barlar.


“Now I can take a look at our radar report and accurately predict where these accounts are in the funnel for senior management.”


As a Salesforce implementation partner, LearningCurv’s expert team guided NavCare on their journey to meaningful sales analytics and productivity.


“We really liked the ability to separate accounts from opportunities and then assign tasks across various departments within our marketing and sales
organization,” explained Barlar.



The Result.

Since the Salesforce training and implementation, Barlar says that NavCare’s sales team are now able to better schedule time and focus on the right types of accounts.
Additionally, LearningCurv’s expert team created an activities report to track how many sales calls are made and the different levels of calls. Barlar says that defining these reports and importing them into Salesforce was integral to their success.


“Salesforce is automated, so I don’t have to make any changes. I don’t have to go in every week and change any dates — I click on a report and there it is. That’s what I like about Salesforce,” explained Barlar.

“LearningCurv was excellent to work with and understood what our goals were,” said Barlar. “Without the LearningCurv team, we would not have implemented on the timeline that our company expected.”


In the end, NavCare’s goal of attaining high-level reporting and account data was successfully accomplished under a tight implementation timeline.