Pardot Completion Actions

Nelson Eisenmann

Pardot Completion Actions

Nelson Eisenmann

Nelson Eisenmann

Director of Marketing Automation
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Completion actions are automated tasks that are triggered by certain elements in Pardot.

Pardot allows you to add an automated response when a prospect completes a:

  • Form
  • For handler
  • Automation rule
  • Custom redirect
  • Page action
  • File download
  • Action in an email (email opened or link clicked)

3 Factors of Completion Actions:

  1. Completion actions are not rule-based
  2. Completion actions are not retroactive, and will only apply to prospects who complete the chosen action moving forward.
  3. Completion actions will fire each and every time a prospect takes the chosen action. (Except for when changing the prospect’s Pardot Score. “Adjust score” will only fire once per prospect per click in a 24 hour period.)

Completion Action: Form

A prospect fills out a form on your website to download a whitepaper on a specific product. The completion action would be to send an autoresponder email to that person with the link to download the whitepaper they requested.

You can create completion actions in step 4 of the form builder tool (learn more in chapter 8 – Forms).

Completion Action: Custom Redirect

Another useful way to utilize completion actions is with custom redirects. Let’s continue with the same example we used above. The autoresponder email is sent to the prospect who requested the white paper. You can create a completion action for the download link so that when it is clicked, the prospect is added to a list of prospect’s interested in that product.

Completion Action: Email List

When creating an email to send to a list of prospects, you are prompted with three checkbox options for completion actions shown in the picture below. The completion action will fire as soon as the prospect completes the chosen action.
Here is a list of each automated activity you can accomplish with completion actions:
  • Add tags
  • Add to list
  • Add to campaign
  • Adjust score
  • Assign prospect via active assignment rule
  • Assign to queue
  • Assign to user
  • Change prospect campaign
  • Change prospect custom field value
  • Change prospect default field value
  • Create task *
  • Increment prospect field value
  • Notify assigned user
  • Notify user
  • Notify user via Twilio (phone)
  • Remove from list
  • Remove tags
  • Send autoresponder email
  • Set profile
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