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Pardot Landing Page Best Practices

Pardot Landing Page Best Practices

Nelson Eisenmann

Nelson Eisenmann

Director of Marketing Automation
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Landing pages are often the first experience your visitor has with your website, so you will need to know how to boost the effectiveness of your landing pages.

With a tool like Pardot marketing automation at your disposal, you can create and style your landing pages, forms, and calls-to-action for a compelling user experience and high conversion rates.

The best practices will help you craft a well-targeted landing page that results in high-quality conversions.

Social Proof

Add testimonials, customer reviews, or stats to show your brand and offers are trustworthy. For an example, quotes from happy customers are a powerful form of validity because someone outside of your company is doing the talking. This lends additional credibility to your landing page and allows visitors to convert with greater confidence.

your links

If the goal of the landing page is to fill out a form or download a piece of content, experiment with removing your navigation bar and other links to prevent visitors from navigating away from the form. It’s best practice to limit your page to one link, so visitors are prompted to take one desired action – click on your CTA and convert.

Include a Thank You page

Having a Thank You page not only informs visitors that the form was submitted correctly, but also allows you to up-sell and cross-sell other services or content. In Pardot, under the form completion action section, you can redirect the prospect to a custom URL on your website or create a short thank you note.

This is a great opportunity to drive visitors to other pages of your site and explore other facets of your brand. You can also install a Google tag manager snippet or create an event conversion in your Google Analytics account to track conversions through Thank You pages.

Declare your value proposition

Your landing page offer should be alluring, clear, and spark curiosity. Build trust with your visitors and prospects by offering something valuable in return for contact information.

Compelling hero section

When used correctly, images can compel prospects to take action. A powerful hero image above the fold allows prospects to envision how they might benefit from your offer. Your hero image should align with and emphasize your message, but not detract from the core value of the landing page.

Add a
non-gated piece of content

In addition to your gated content, some value needs to be included for free to drive further engagement, like a video or infographic. This second, free piece of content allows the visitor to see the quality of the content you create without having to give up any of their personal information first.


The type of font you use can strongly affect how people interact with your landing page copy. Ask yourself these two questions: Is it readable? Will it distract from the main goal of this Pardot landing page? Using a font that’s clear and legible throughout the entire landing page encourages visitors to stay on the page and engage with all the information provided.

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