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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administration

We handle Marketing Cloud administration for you, so you can spend less time managing the platform and more time growing your business.

Get the most out of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

LearningCurv helps you get full utility out of your investment in Marketing Cloud, at a fraction of the cost of hiring internally.

Whether you just lost your power user, need extra hands for an upcoming project, or need to fill a resource gap without hiring full-time, we’re here for you.

Our Marketing Cloud certified consultants provide industry best practices and strategic direction to help you scale your marketing efforts and your business.

LearningCurv’s Marketing Cloud admins can help with these tasks and much, much more.

We can plan, setup, and deploy your new Marketing Cloud org, or audit your existing org to ensure the setup conforms to industry best practices.

We’ll help you set up MC Connect to integrate Marketing Cloud with your Sales or Service Cloud CRM, providing better data management and segmentation for your marketing.

From initial planning to building reports, our Marketing Cloud admins can handle every aspect of your automated marketing campaigns.

Our admins can create email templates and additional content elements for cross-channel use, implement proper targeting, and help optimize your email marketing workflow.

Your LearningCurv admin can build out comprehensive automated customer journeys in line with your acquisition goals, guiding buyers from first touchpoint to repeat customer.

Our certified experts help you create highly personalized marketing communications and perform complex functions with the platform’s proprietary scripting language.

We’ll configure automations that make your marketing more efficient, including complex data activities, segmentation, and advanced messaging.

We’ll help you personalize interactions with customers and prospects, as well as visualize and track user experiences, with real-time interaction management.

Our Marketing Cloud experts create targeted one-to-one buyer experiences across all your digital advertising channels, integrating data from sales, service, and commerce interactions for maximum personalization.

We can set up and maintain social media assets and help you monitor buyer sentiment about your brand on all social channels, delivering deep insights and allowing you to take faster action.

Our admins will help you implement Mobile Studio, providing expertise for mobile short code acquisition, advanced SMS, push notifications, and Journey Builder integration.

We can set up and manage Analytics Studio and Einstein Analytics to help with reporting on campaign performance and marketing outcomes.

We’ll help you implement Datorama, so you can monitor and report on all your marketing data, tailor reports for your stakeholders, and optimize in the moment with AI-powered intelligence.

We can create custom Distributed Marketing journeys that can be deployed by your various partners, owners, and advisors, allowing you to provide seamless customer experiences no matter the channel.

Our consultants can set up and maintain business units within Marketing Cloud that adhere to the needs and hierarchy of your business while ensuring the right users have the access they need.

We ensure your automations are running smoothly, your communications are properly segmented, and your database stays tidy.

Our certified experts can act as a Help Desk for your organization, continuously providing strategic guidance and recommendations to ensure you get the most out of Marketing Cloud.

The All-in-One Marketing Cloud Solution

Our one-of-a kind approach and unique industry model comes as a result of over a decade of platform experience.

When you work with LearningCurv, you get a dedicated marketing automation team consisting of a Marketing Manager, Project Manager, Senior Consultant, and Marketing Automation Specialist.


How do our Marketing Cloud administration services work?



We consult with stakeholders in your company to gain a full understanding of your marketing goals and what you want to accomplish with your platform.



We take a deep dive into your current configuration to uncover how well it aligns with your platform goals and determine how we can make it more beneficial for your business.



We document all tasks with Smartsheet, use Basecamp to interact with you daily, and review all progress with you in weekly working sessions.


We help you get the most out of Marketing Cloud by constantly collaborating with your teams to validate what we’ve integrated and continue building on it.



Should you ever leave us, we provide documentation of everything we’ve set up and how it should be used, as well as a list of remaining tasks to be completed.


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