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Salesforce Support Levels

There are three systematic support levels in the tech world. Understanding this terminology will help you to have a meaningful sales conversation with a sales rep (which we get into more in Chapter 4) if you decide to outsource your support to a third-party.

You will run into these three support levels some time or another in your Salesforce journey, as they dictate the amount of expertise needed to solve your platform problem:

  • Level 1 – Front line basic support:
  • Level 2 – Advanced level support
  • Level 3 – Backend Development

Level 1 – Front line basic support:

It’s important to note that Level 1 support comes standard with your Salesforce subscription. This is considered the Standard plan in the Salesforce ecosystem it allows you to mitigate lower priority issues on your platform free of cost.

Traditionally, issues in this level are basic help-desk requests and customer issues that can be solved by lower level technical personnel but not individuals who have much experience implementing the tool.

At this level, the support rep will have a basic understanding of your salesforce product and handle 70%-80% of the problems a user may face.

This includes troubleshooting methods such as:

  • Resolving username and password problems
  • Proper hardware and software verification
  • Assistance with navigating around the software’s dashboards and admin.

Level 2 – Advanced level support

Level 2 support is a more advanced level of technical support. Support representatives at this level are more knowledgeable on your Salesforce product and are capable of providing administrative support with technical troubleshooting and analysis.

Level-2 professionals will be able to validate what the issue is and provide options or a walk-through on how to solve the problem. Level 2 problems make up about 20% of the issues a user encounters.

Pro Tip:

Make sure the support service you decide to use is efficient at reviewing the support ticket from the previous level.

In order to determine appropriate solutions for your ticket, the level 2 support rep must understand what has already been accomplished by the previous technician as well as how long they have been working with you to solve the issue.

If the support rep cannot define or solve the problem, it will be escalated to level-3 technical support.

Level 3 – Backend Development

Level 3 issues are the highest tier of technical support and support technicians at this tier are responsible for solving the most advanced technical issues.

Support reps at this level are not only responsible for helping the level 1-2 reps to identify the problems they could not solve, but are also responsible for researching and developing solutions to new or unknown issues.

In this stage, you will receive expert level troubleshooting and analysis. If the problem can be solved, the support technicians are accountable for developing necessary courses of action to get your issues taken care of and implementing the best solution.

The Ultimate Guide to Salesforce Support

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