Salesforce Support

Onshore Salesforce Support with certified LearningCurv experts.

Real-time Salesforce solutions

Ongoing support on Salesforce CRM, Pardot, Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud.

Multi-Channel Communication

Help Desk via Basecamp, hotline, email and video-conference.

Onshore Specialists

Salesforce support professionals are based out of Austin, TX.

Support Hotline 

Call anytime between 8-6 PM Central and talk with a specialist.

Access Basecamp

Full visibility to current and past conversations on Basecamp.

Certified Experts

Salesforce-certified consultants with years of admin experience

No Tickets 

We offer real-time support. Typical Same-day resolution

salesforce support

New to Salesforce support? Start here. Read our Guide to Navigating Salesforce Support to get started

Ongoing Support

Our support covers any the 4 main Salesforce sales and marketing platforms.


Work with a Pardot support consultant to accelerate your email marketing goals.


Pardot Support »

Sales Cloud CRM

Put our Salesforce Admins to work optimizing your CRM efficiency.


CRM Support »

Marketing Cloud

Make sure you are utilizing this tool effectively and maximizing ROI with our ongoing support.


Marketing Cloud Support »

Service Cloud

Optimize your Service Cloud work-flow and quickly address cases


Service Cloud Support »

Support Plans

Sometimes you need an extra hand to keep your Salesforce platforms running smoothly.
Premium Support
Admin Support
Premium Plus Support

Dedicated Team. Real-time Communication

Access to your dedicated team via Basecamp, phone hotline or screenshare.

Frequently Asked Questions

Past clients had these questions about Salesforce support, maybe you will too:

Is the support package limited per month?

No. Our Salesforce managed support package does not limit you on engagements per month. We understand that some months you will need more support than others and don’t limit our customers for that reason.

Can I get multiple platforms supported on the same contract?

We offer support on any of the 4 main Salesforce platforms (Salesforce SalesCloud, Pardot, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud) on an individual basis. If you have multiple platforms, you can add a platform for an additional $3000/Yr.

Are your support desk specialists onshore?

Yes, we believe in keeping all our support offerings onshore to best serve our clients. All of LearningCurv’s support services are delivered by a team of certified experts based in Austin, TX.

Do you offer training on the platform?

Of course! One of LearningCurv’s services’ is to deliver professional Salesforce training via classroom or personalized training. Explore customized and virtual training to help your team master Sales Cloud.

What is Level 2 Support and how is it different than Level 1 and Level 3?

Our Level-2 Salesforce Support is delivered via onshore certified professionals who have trained and implemented the Salesforce platform.

Level 1 is typically outsourced internationally and will be addressed by a Level-1 Assistant who likely doesn’t have much experience in the platform aside from fundamentals. Level 3 (not currently offered by LearningCurv) is Salesforce support for advanced coding and development.

Do you offer level 3 support?

Our certified specialist do not currently offer coding and development support with Salesforce. However, as part of our partnership with Salesforce, we can escalate a level-3 support ticket with Salesforce for you.