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Go beyond standard support with a knowledgeable, attentive support partner for your Salesforce CRM or Marketing Automation platform.


Why Choose LearningCurv as Your Dedicated Support Partner?

Faster Response

A platform issue shouldn’t bring your business to a halt. Choose a support partner that can quickly be available to answer your call.

Connect Your Way

We give you options for contacting our Help Desk — via Basecamp, phone hotline, email, and video chat — with visibility into your past support conversations.

Dedicated Partner

We’re committed to finding the best solutions to your particular platform challenges. We’ll collaborate with your team to help you meet your unique platform goals.

Certified Experts

Get platform support from Salesforce certified consultants who have years of experience using the tool, all located in the same office in Austin, Texas.

Most businesses require more than standard level 1 support for their Salesforce CRM or Marketing Automation platform.

Our Salesforce certified experts are on-call to provide guidance and proactive recommendations to make your platform work for you.

Be more independent on your platform by learning from consultants who walk you through diagnosing and fixing your issue, as well as help you understand best practices for using your org.

We Empower You to Succeed with Salesforce

An Easier Way to Troubleshoot Your Platform

Experiencing technical issues or inefficiencies on your platform can be devastating to productivity.

But auditing a Salesforce CRM or Marketing Automation platform is often a time-consuming and costly expenditure.

Our certified experts audit your platform for you, saving you the cost and effort of handling it internally. We’ll help you identify any gaps in your system architecture, outgrown processes, and incorrect configurations.

LearningCurv Support Options

We offer two options for platform support to make sure you’re covered, no matter how clear-cut or complex your issue is.

Premium Support

Platform Audit


Find out why companies across industries choose LearningCurv as their dedicated Salesforce support partner.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies get more value out of their Salesforce platforms.

Learn more about LearningCurv’s Salesforce Support services.

Our experts are standing by to help you find your path to Salesforce success.