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Testing Pardot Emails

Before you push send on your emails, we recommend that you test your email drafts and templates before going live.  The reason for this is because your emails may not look the same on different email service providers like Gmail, Outlook, etc.

To begin, you will want to conduct email rendering tests and send them to a test list before sending out your emails. This is to ensure optimal deliverability, confirm that the populated data is correct and that all formatting appears as designed.

Litmus testing with Pardot 

You can gain access to the Litmus testing integration if you have Pardot Plus or above. This powerful feature helps you preview what your email will look like in various browsers and screen sizes.

By utilizing the Litmus testing feature, also called “rendering tests” you can ensure that all your emails are responsive across multiple email service providers and devices.

You can also perform a Spam Analysis test that will give you the insight to see if your emails will go straight to inboxes rather than spam folders.

How to email test

To test for spam analysis, subject line, or email rendering previews:

  1. Create a new email template, list email, or edit an existing one
  2. Click-through to the step of the wizard called “Test” and click “Start Tests”
  3. You can view your test in a few minutes by navigating to marketing → emails → email tests

Rendering tests

Rendering tests allow you to see how your email will look across all major email service providers and devices.

Subject line preview

This allows you to see a preview of what your subject line will look like on different email service providers.

Spam analysis

Spam analysis will test your emails against different spam filters on the server side and give you feedback in the form of a spam score, and when possible, provide an explanation for why you received that score. It is a good way to gauge how many servers might mark your email as spam.

Email testing 

As a general rule of thumb, you should always send yourself a test email to verify if your links and variable tags are working. This allows you to preview it as a prospect and confirm that your variable tags are working. You don’t want to lose your brand’s integrity by sending emails with broken tags and links. Sending defective emails or a link that doesn’t work is an easy way to lose a prospect’s interest.

Quality Assurance

As marketers, we can schedule up to a thousand emails a month. Having an airtight quality assurance process is important when changing a variety of emails and managing a large segmented database.

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